2013 - 2014 Legislative Session

Minimum Wage increase bill which calls for employers in Georgia to pay their employees at least $10.10 an hour, with built-in increases coming on January 1 each following year to offset the rising cost of living. Presently, minimum wage in the state is just $5.15 an hour.

"City-hood" Bill  gives residents the opportunity to vote on the incorporation of the City of South Fulton in Fulton County; which is currently the only unincorporated area in Fulton County. 

Senate Resolution (SR) 723 asks governing bodies of charter schools and public recreation facilities to provide certain safety measures for youth athletes in sport competition.

SR 74, encourages the development of minority owned plasma centers to help with the health crisis in certain minority communities. 

SR 467, which creates the Senate Higher Education Access and Success for Homeless and Foster Youth Study Committee. This study committee was created in hopes of benefitting homeless youth or youth residing in foster care.

Georgia Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, would allow those with disabilities to create an untaxed savings account to help pay for “qualified disability benefits,” such as purchasing a car or house payment. 

Supporting and Strengthening Families Act, was an important bill for Georgia’s children. The bill gives parents the right to grant temporary caregiving authority for a child to another person for a limited period without involving the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). 

2015 - 2016 Legislative session

Click here for a list of all legislation sponsored or co-sponsored by Senator Donzella James during the 2015/2016 legislative sessions.

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Troublingly, a small group of state leaders are making sweeping moves that affect education across our state. Since 2002, education spending has been cut by $8 billion in Georgia, crippling our schools while furloughing and laying off teachers. I stand with Jason Carter (Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate) to prioritize education spending, separating it from the state budget, and only funding the rest of the government once we’ve adequately secured a budget for our schools. I voted against Senate Bill 167, which would dismantle the standards for which our educators and students have spent years preparing.


House Bill 990 denies state healthcare access for more than 600,000 Georgians. With this bill, we’re essentially allowing 3,600 people to die after being denied the medical coverage they need and deserve. Because I support Medicaid expansion and the Affordable Care Act, I oppose this bill.


I oppose Senate Bill 377, the Preservation of Religious Freedom Act. It broadens the language for religious objections, allowing religion to be used to deny healthcare to women and discriminate against the LGBQT community.


House Bill 875, otherwise known as the “Guns Everywhere Bill,” would lift restrictions on guns in houses of worship, bars, airports schools and college campuses. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence in 2013 gave Georgia an “8” on a 100-point rating scale based on 30 policies on gun and ammunition regulation. Approval of this bill would ease restrictions at our own Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, the world’s busiest airport, where in 2013 alone the TSA intercepted 111 firearms.


House Bill 891 seeks to eliminate early voting days for municipal elections from three weeks to six days. In a move that would affect 536 cities across Georgia, this bill not only restricts voter access, but also would create unnecessarily long lines on Election Day, particularly in densely populated areas like our Atlanta neighborhoods.


Senate Bill 98 prohibits health insurance plans from providing abortion care benefits to women in Georgia. This bill is so extreme that it does not offer exemptions for rape, incest or when the woman’s health is in jeopardy. Passage of this bill would result in women losing health coverage they currently have.